5 facts about laminate flooring

Get to Know Your Facts on the Best Laminate Flooring

Today, the best laminate flooring is beautiful and easier to install than ever.
Here are 5 facts about everything from laminate flooring colors to cleaning laminate floors!

Fact #1: All About Laminate Flooring Colors
Laminate floors come in a variety of colors and patterns:

  • Almost any species of wood, including colored wood
  • Ceramic tile shade
  • Natural Stone
  • Brick patterns
  • Mirror finishes
  • Vivid color
  • Special patterns for the more modern customer!

You may rethink buying tile and opt for the best laminate flooring instead now that you know you’ve got plenty of color options!

Fact 2: Is It Tile or Laminate?
There are many types of laminate flooring and when you get the best laminate flooring, the technology is so advanced that you won’t be able to tell whether it’s tile or laminate, wood floor…or laminate!

**Facts 3&4: Types of Laminate Flooring: **

  • Laminate floors come in planks and they are easy to install, but working around moldings and doorways can be difficult. They also come in all kinds of laminate flooring patterns, so don’t worry, you’ll find them in planks or tiles and again; you may not know the difference: is it the best laminate flooring ever? Or real wood? Don’t ask—and don’t tell!

  • Some laminate floors can come with an attached underlay as they use grooves to help the planks interlock. This underlayment helps reduce noise level in the room.

Fact #5: Cleaning Laminate Floors

Here are some tips when cleaning laminate floors:

  • Clean regularly: laminate floors don’t scratch easily but excess dirt will cause scratches to develop over the years
  • Do NOT use a floor brush or an overly damp mop.!
  • Clean up spills right away: do not allow the floor to remain wet for too long, and soak up extra moisture

With these facts under your belt, cleaning laminate floors and picking out the best for your home or office will be a breeze!