A Customer’s Experience Part 2: Carpet Installation Process.

The carpet installation process can be really challenging for some homeowners. The hassle of the actual carpet removal, along with trusting carpet installers to do a good job can be a bit overwhelming. Many of you may remember our customer Laurie, who purchased a Berber carpet, and decided to share her personal experience using our shop-at-home method for carpet buying. Now Laurie is sharing the second part of her testimonial, which is her experience with the carpet installation process.

As I mentioned in my earlier testimony, when I first considered a shop-at-home carpet buying experience, I was mildly apprehensive. But, during the appointment the Smart Carpet associate was so knowledgeable and assuring that I decided to purchase a carpet. This is a detailed account of my experience with the carpet installers and the entire carpet installation process.

I ordered a Berber carpet for my home. As soon as the carpet came in, my Smart Carpet associate called me to schedule my old carpet removal and installation. We were not expecting our Berber carpet to come in so quickly. My husband and I were still in the process of painting and making a few other home improvements that we wanted to complete before our new Berber carpet was installed. The carpet installers were more than accommodating, and waited for us to call them for when we were ready to have our new carpet installed.

I called on Wednesday for a delivery the next week after 12:30, and we were able to set the carpet installation process for Monday. Since I would be working on Monday, I was unable to meet the carpet installers before my scheduled time. On the day of delivery, the carpet installers called me at 7 am to provide me with an estimated time of arrival. My son was home at the time of their arrival around noon, and he said the carpet installers did not knock or ring the bell; instead, they waited in the service vehicle until I pulled into my driveway at 12:25pm. I found Smart Carpet’s installation team to be extremely accommodating, as they waited almost a full half hour for me to arrive home.

The carpet installation process began immediately. The carpet installers moved all the big furniture into the kitchen, as I was in charge of moving all of the electronics, breakable items and smaller furniture. The carpet installers began with the carpet removal of my old Berber carpet, then they began sweeping and prepping the surface for the new carpet installation. The carpet installers carefully installed my new Berber carpet, making sure that all seams were exceptionally measured and placed in line with the wall. Once they completed the carpet installation, they took all garbage, vacuumed and put all the furniture back in my living room. The carpet installers also took the time to talk to us about the best way to move the furniture, so not to cause snags. Overall, my experience with Smart Carpet’s carpet installation process was a huge success! I would recommend Smart Carpet to any one I know that is looking to buy new flooring or carpet.

  • Laurie S.

If you would like to learn more about Laurie’s experience using our shop-at-home service or the carpet installation process, we invite you to check back for part three of our customer experience articles. For more information on our carpet installation process, or to schedule a shop-at-home appointment, call us today at 1-800-526-7847.