Best Kitchen Flooring Options

The undisputed king of foot traffic in your house is the kitchen floor. It’s also the biggest target of spills and messes and accidents of all types — making it the hardest working surface in any home. Good flooring choices in the kitchen must be safe, slip-resistant, easy to clean, and long lasting. Keeping all that in mind, choosing a kitchen floor can be quite the challenge.

There are many options, with some more beautiful than others, and some more resilient than others. Hardwood, natural stone tiles, linoleum or bamboo, vinyl, ceramic, and even concrete are all major categories of kitchen flooring. But that’s quite a lot to choose from.

So where do you begin?

A great place to start looking is the German-made SONO planks and tiles, by InHaus. SONO is innovative in all the right ways, and makes a wonderful addition to your kitchen décor.

Beautiful Designs

With HD direct-to-core digital printing, SONO comes in multiple plank and tile designs, each with gorgeous colors and natural patterns to match any style. Each SONO plank has four coats of UV-resistant lacquer with an unparalleled, highly detailed color range.

SONO uses high definition, realistic wood and stone prints, with 18 unique décor planks printed for each design. This number allows a variability that drastically reduces the repetition found in most traditional laminates, LVT, and WPC flooring. Floors that use SONO planks always turn out looking far more natural.

Choosing the visual representation that best suits your design plan is relatively easy to do with SONO — or alternatively, you can start by picking a SONO plank that you love, and then design an entire kitchen around it.

Safe, Functional, and Long-Lasting

All SONO flooring is both waterproof and dimensionally stable. So not only will it resist spills, but its shape won’t change over time. SONO is also a better family choice than most brands because it is initially formed using a heat process rather than a chemical procedure.

SONO carries GreenGuard Gold as well as Blue Angel certifications: the highest, proven industry standards in Germany for indoor air quality. This means that the hard, ceramic composite cores in SONO are free of PVC, formaldehyde, phthalates, and plasticizers — all of those nasty chemicals you definitely don’t want floating around in your kitchen space. SONO is certified and approved for more environmentally sensitive individuals like children and the elderly, making it a perfect choice for any home.

Guaranteed Easy Install by Experts

Professionals install SONO flooring using a score-and-snap process that requires no power tools. Installation relies upon a utility knife to accurately score the planks, and SONO uses Megaloc technology, a patented angle-drop system that allows for a fast installation process. As the planks are lowered, pressure is applied at the short edge, and then the plank locks firmly in place. They are finally secured using a floating or glue-down method.

SONO comes with a Lifetime Residential as well as a 10 Years Commercial warranty.

Call the SMART Carpet and Flooring Expert

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