Current trends in types of carpet

Fads come and go. Styles are constantly changing. What was popular a few years ago is probably not popular this year. This is also true for your home décor. Carpet and flooring styles are constantly changing. Today, there are many different types of carpet for you to choose from to update your home’s look.

Popular carpet types

A classic style, Berber carpet has a low profile with loop pile construction making it suitable for any room of the house. The weave can have flecks of color throughout the fibers which can give it a multi-color look. Named after the traditional hand-woven carpets of the Berber people of North Africa, Berber carpet is versatile and easy to maintain. It comes in many colors and is stain-resistant and suitable for high traffic areas. Berber carpet can be made of nylon, wool or Olefin fiber. Berber carpet tends to be a more affordable carpet than high-plush options.

Patterned carpet and carpets with different textures have recently become popular as the technology for manufacturing them has made them more durable. Companies such as Mohawk carpets have developed loops that hold their shape even through years of high traffic and cleaning so you never lose the shape of the patterned carpet. Other manufacturers like Shaw, Stainmaster, Bliss and others hav developed additional new textures of carpet. These include:

  • Loops – dense, low-pile, suitable for high-traffic areas

  • Textured – long crimped yarns create a soft underfoot feel

  • Patterned carpet – long, short, and loops of varying lengths of yarn create patterns; the low pile is suitable for high-traffic areas

  • Frieze, or twists – high, twisted pile, creating a springy feel under your feet

Stain-resistant and patterned carpets have also become popular as options for parents and pet owners. Mohawk carpet manufactures a style called the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet that repels liquids. It features permanent stain and soil protection that cannot be washed out and will not wear off. The carpet is soft and cozy, yet provides the clean-ability of vinyl, making it suitable for any high traffic area. Talk to your carpet specialist to get details and information on these types of carpets to help determine what is best for you.

Color trends

People are no longer choosing neutral carpet colors for their homes. Popular carpet color choices now include soft blues, fun greens, inviting greys, warm browns, and even bright berry tones. Colors include coral, orchid, magenta, taupe, navy, indigo, olive, moss, chocolate, sage, and blush tones.

Carpet never has to be boring. There are so many different types of carpet out there that you can experiment with textures, patterns, colors, and styles. If you want a low-pile carpet for a high-traffic area, there are low-pile and Berber carpets available in a variety of different colors and styles. If you want a soft, fluffy carpet for a family room, there are plush options available in many styles, colors, patterns, textures, and piles. And all of these options are even stain resistant! If you look for it, there are carpet options out there to match any décor. You are limited only by your imagination.

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