Choosing the Perfect Floor for Every Locale

Imagine that you are picking out the flooring for your new house. You have so many things to consider, the design of the house, the color scheme, whether you want carpet in the bedrooms or not. One thing you might not have thought about is climate. Yes, climate should play a big part in choosing the right flooring for your home. If you live in a very humid, wet area, you might want to rethink some types of hardwood floors because they are easily damaged by moisture. Same if you live in a very dry climate with high elevation because then you need to worry about dry cupping.

How about some climate talk?

  • The Humid, Hot South—If you live in the South, you know just how hot and sweaty it gets in the summer. That wet blanket of humidity drapes itself over everything starting in April and it doesn’t let up until September. Hardwood floors are still an option though. Consider choosing bamboo for its ability to withstand moisture and hold up under tough conditions. If you live in a tropical area along the Gulf of Mexico, tile makes an excellent cooling alternative AND large tiles are very trendy right now. Same with vinyl as it is properly sealed.

  • Cool, Rainy Northwest—The same general rules apply in the rainy northwest US, as in the South. Consider bamboo flooring to hold up against moisture, as well as carpet, vinyl, and laminate.

  • Brr, So Cold—If you live in an area that experiences very cold temperatures in winter, you might want to steer away from tile (unless you are going to have heated floors.) Carpet, vinyl, hardwood, and laminate are all good choices for northern homes. Carpet is especially nice for cold feet and you can choose one that fights stains to protect against mud, snow, and slush.

  • High and Dry—Living in a high elevation, arid environment can also pose problems for hardwood floors, although many in the mountain areas still have it. The trick is to maintain a temperate environment in the home through the use of humidifiers. Of course, carpet, laminate, and vinyl are all great choices for homes in mountainous regions.

  • Desert Areas—So many homes in the southwest United States utilize tile flooring, not only because it stays cool, but also because it is the easiest to clean up. If you are living in a desert area, you are familiar with the amount of sand and dirt that tracked in. What a pain cleaning all that mess out of your carpet!

  • Earthquake-Prone Areas—Okay, so this really isn’t a climate issue. However, if you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, tile shouldn’t be your first choice as it can fracture. Concrete flooring is very good at resisting vibrations, as are hardwood floors. If you are building new, look into base isolators which can help absorb much of the vibrations.

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