Choosing the Right Color Combinations for Wall to Wall Carpeting.

Selecting the right color scheme for your home’s wall to wall carpeting is a big decision, one you will be living with for many years to come. Since carpeting is one of the more costly expenses in decorating your home, choosing the right color combinations for your home is a process that is tedious, but necessary. Trends do change, even in the popular colors for wall to wall carpeting. Typically, carpeting color trends run 1-2 years behind those of the rest of the fashion industry. Most carpet and flooring manufacturers prep color trends three years in advance. This means that the most popular shades will be showing up on floors for a couple of years. Here are some tips to selecting the right color combinations for your home carpeting.

Use of space: Do you want your wall to wall carpeting to brighten up a dark room or tone down a too-light space? Neutral colors are a perfect choice for darker family rooms, living rooms and hallways. This color scheme is trendy, wears well. For rooms that have excessive sunlight, you will need to also think about fading, a problem that is more obvious with dark carpets. So, if your room has a lot of natural light, select a lighter carpet color.

Level of traffic: The heavier the carpet traffic, the more danger of spills, stains and tracked-in dirt. Lighter carpets can be treated with stain resistant repellant, but that is not always a guarantee for complete stain protection. Choosing a darker color scheme for heavy traffic areas are a safe bet. Hallways and all-purpose living areas tend to take the worst beating, so consider neutral colors that are slightly darker.

Design: Do you want a carpet that blends in to your overall fashion design or one that makes its own fashion statement? When choosing color combinations, every room needs one main focal point. Your wall to wall carpeting can be that point or it can support another object such as a painting or piece of furniture. Most importantly, you do not want the carpet competing with another focal point, because your room will feel too busy and confusing.

A reflection of your personality: Does your wall to wall carpeting color scheme match your personality? Casual, more-relaxed people tend to favor the warmer colors and neutral colors. While detail-oriented people often prefer blues, blacks, whites, grays and vibrant tones. Do you feel more comfortable walking in rooms where color combinations are in one color family or the other?

Selecting the right color scheme for your wall to wall carpeting will take time and careful consideration. If you use this color trend and decorating guide when it comes to selecting color combinations for your carpet, we assure you that you will be pleased with the outcome. Remember; always consider the room design, traffic conditions, lighting, and the use of space when designing your decorating color scheme for your wall to wall carpeting selection.