Current Trending Colors in Wood Flooring: What Should You Choose?

Though there are plenty of flooring choices out there, especially with all of the advances in vinyl, real hardwood flooring remains an extremely popular and classic choice for homeowners. Hardwood lasts an incredibly long time, is easy to maintain and is beautifully chic, increases the value of your home, and can match nearly any specific décor.

Having said that: hardwood flooring comes in a multitude of types and colors. And within those colors, there is an entire spectrum of shade nuances to choose from. All of those choices have their advantages, so it’s best to follow your design blueprint, as well as your individual tastes. But we’ve put together a guide of current trending hardwood types and colors just to get you started.

Popular Hardwood Types

Hardwood presents a lot of options; and yes, wood type is important. But other choices are less obvious to buyers, like: the length of the planks, the width, geometric styles and finished or unfinished. It’s always a good idea to ask an expert to help you navigate these choices regarding your hardwood flooring options. Here are a few solid picks for any renovation job:

  • Cherry: Considered a luxury hardwood, cherry (a.k.a. Brazilian cherry, or Jatoba) is a dramatic and warm wood, often used for central showrooms in the house: the living room, dining room, etc.
  • Maple: Maple has a great natural range of colors to choose from, including tans, soft oranges, grays, and neutral colors. And maple is quite sturdy, resisting scratches, dings, and other damage over the years.
  • Mahogany: Available in natural colors or a variety of finished veneers, mahogany is a traditional hardwood choice. One of the most durable woods, mahogany can last even longer than oak flooring. Some popular shades include deep oranges, browns, and dark cocoa.
  • Oak: A resilient wood, oak resists both damage and stains. And with white, silver, or red oaks to choose from, this is a versatile flooring choice that can please nearly any color palate as well.
  • Hickory: Hickory is one of the hardest species of North American woods and thus makes a great flooring choice; especially if durability is your first priority. Scratch and dent resistant, stain resistant, and able to stand up to plenty of foot traffic, hickory is also particularly lovely, with dazzling and unique woodgrain patterns.

Other Hardwood Options

For the last 5 years or so, grey woods have trended with flooring customers; but that is beginning to subside. Instead, dark-stained browns and reds are showing a dramatic spike in popularity. Such color tones are impactful, lending an atmosphere of elegance and importance.

  • Ebonized Hardwoods: Ebonized woods are treated with substances that create a permanent chemical reaction to enrich and strengthen the base wood: cherry, walnut, or oak. The overall result is glossy and modern, with a nod to the classic and vintage.

  • Brazilian Cherry: A customer favorite this year, Brazilian cherry flooring has a deep and rich red color, streaked with black, that is dramatic and spectacular to view. A bold choice, Brazilian Cherry makes a powerful impression whenever you walk into a room.

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