Discover the Alternative to Tile Flooring

Discover the Tile Alternative

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular flooring choices, but the truth is, it’s not the end all be all. Before you settle on ceramic, you should know that you have options—more affordable, equally attractive and more comfortable options. While ceramic may be the sophisticated flooring choice for your home, it’s not necessarily the most functional. And that’s why it’s time to discover the benefits of luxury vinyl tile.

Vinyl Tile Flooring vs. Ceramic Tile

Sure, we all love the luxury and high-end style of a ceramic floor, but the drawbacks of this popular tile flooring option leave much to be desired. For starters, ceramic creates a cold, hard surface that’s not very forgiving in the household—especially in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen where you and the family spend a lot of time on your feet. Plus, if a plate, a glass or something hard drops onto the ceramic tile, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a nasty crack that will be quite expensive to repair.

So, in light of this, are you out of options when it comes to tile flooring? No way! You can have the same luxurious look and quality with a tile alternative like duraceramic at a much more affordable cost! Luxury vinyl tile captures all that you appreciate about ceramic, but with more flexibility and comfort, which you wish the more expensive option had.

Benefits of a Tile Alternative

  • To the untrained eye, duraceramic tile looks just like ceramic tile, but it’s much warmer and softer underneath your feet. It’s a synch to clean, more resistant to stains and virtually impossible to scratch because of the protective coating. So, gone are the days when a big spill of wine or shattering plate ruins the tile. Plus, it’s easier to replace than ceramic, so if something does damage the tile, it’s basically a one-day job to replace or repair!

  • Just like ceramic, luxury vinyl tile comes in a variety of styles, colors, patterns and sizes. That means whether you’re into modern, classic, bold or country, you’ll have a tile flooring option that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle.

  • A tile alternative is much faster and easier to install than traditional ceramic. That means your family life or home-building process won’t suffer interference during installation.

  • One of the main complaints about ceramic tile is that the grout chips easily, gets dirty and is difficult to clean. Vinyl tile can be installed with an acrylic grout that stays flexible and won’t harden like cement. Plus, it’s removed easily if you’d like to change it up and it won’t stain like most other grout.

  • Luxury vinyl tile or duraceramic delivers the style, beauty and performance of ceramic tiling, but at a much more affordable cost with less maintenance. It’s truly one of the most versatile tile flooring options you’ll find anywhere!

If you're thinking that you’re sacrificing elegance and beauty by going with a tile alternative over ceramic tile, think again. With more design options, flexibility and affordability, you get the best of both worlds. When you see luxury vinyl tile up close, you’ll never know the difference!

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