Discover the Best Carpet for Pets

What is your carpet’s biggest enemy? Man’s best friend! Well, both dogs and cats can wreak havoc on your carpeted floors, and without the proper pet friendly flooring, you may find yourself in a stinky, expensive predicament. If you have a home full of pets or just want the most durable, waterproof carpet available, Smart Carpet can help.

The Lifeguard for Your Carpet

Let’s face it … life happens. Everyday spills and odors can affect your home, and pets only increase the chances. You need the protection of the best pet odor eliminator in the industry. At Smart Carpet and Flooring, we offer carpets featuring LifeGuard™, the revolutionary carpet protection system that protects your entire carpet, from the face fiber to the backing. Designed especially for pets and their owners, LifeGuard carpets truly provide the best carpet for pets, with unprecedented stain and soil protection. Plus, because of the patented thermoplastic, commercial-grade backing, you’ll have a waterproof carpet that prevents liquids from soaking into the padding and subfloor!

Benefits of LifeGuard’s Pet Friendly Flooring

  • Pet Odor Eliminator – Certain liquids, such as pet urine can cause unpleasant odors if not cleaned promptly. Carpets featuring LifeGuard provide enhanced protection to combat everything from pet odors to cigarette smoke quickly and effectively.

  • Moisture Protection – The best carpet for pets is one that dispels liquids. Many pet accidents initially go unnoticed, soaking into the carpet backing, padding and even subfloor. LifeGuard’s patented backing system provides a waterproof carpet, keeping liquids from seeping into the backing, allowing for easier cleanup and protection from odors.

  • Easy Maintenance – Carpets with LifeGuard are much easier to clean and maintain. The protective barrier keeps most liquid spills on the surface for easy removal and the backing prevents excess moisture from reaching the padding and subfloor.

  • Fast Drying – Following the recommended method for carpet cleaning means your carpet will dry three times faster than others!

  • Easy Installation – The lightweight, flexible backing system allows installers to easily bend and manipulate the carpet.

  • Lasting Good Looks – LifeGuard carpets are among the most durable luxury styles available. They’re resistant to “fuzzing,” tufts, pulling and loops, and the backing is less likely to suffer delamination.

It’s easy to see that carpets with LifeGuard offer a breakthrough in pet friendly flooring solutions. Applicable for virtually any setting, this product is an especially good choice for active families with pets where spills and odors are just a part of daily life. If you want the best carpet for pets, you deserve a lifeguard! Protect your home with this revolutionary pet odor eliminator by calling Smart Carpet and Flooring today at 1-800-526-7847.