DIY July: Make an All-weather Rug for Summer Entertaining

Summer is in full swing, and that means summer entertaining is, too. Is your outdoor living space up to par? If not, here’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to make your patio area more inviting: Make an all-weather rug using indoor/outdoor carpet remnants!

If you’re picturing a sad little square of wrinkled, scratchy fake turf (raise your hand if your parents took a roll of that stuff on family camping trips in a futile effort to keep dirt out of the tent), stop right there. We’re talking about today’s indoor/outdoor carpet, and you might be surprised at how attractive and inviting it can be when you use it in SMART Carpet and Flooring’s DIY July project.

First Things First: The Materials List
You won’t need much to create your own all-weather rug for the patio or other outdoor entertaining area. In fact, with these six items, you’re ready to get started:

  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife with a new blade
  • Indoor/outdoor carpet remnant (No need to fight traffic: Call SMART Carpet and Flooring, and we’ll bring it right to you!)
  • The phone number to your local rug binder (expect to pay around $3 per linear foot) or a DIY product like Instabind™ (you’ll also need scissors and hot glue if you go this route)
  • A cut-safe surface (try a piece of clean plywood)
  • Carpenter’s pencil

Let’s Get Started
First, measure the area where the rug will go. This part is really based on your own preference: Do you want a smaller rug, do you want to have a large “carpeted” area, or something in between? Think about the shape you want, too: Would a runner make sense in your outdoor living space? Would a small oval or large square work better with your existing furniture and the patio’s dimensions?

Once you have your measurements, call SMART Carpet and Flooring and set up a convenient time to have our mobile showroom deliver remnants and/or carpet samples that would fit your desired rug size. We’re available seven days a week, evenings included.

Cut a Rug
Once you have your carpet, the real DIY part begins: It’s time to cut it to the desired shape and dimensions. It’s easier to cut carpet from the back, so flip it over on top of your cut-safe surface. Pencil in the outline you want to cut, and carefully use the utility knife to cut the carpet into your rug.

Bind It Up
Now it’s time to get binding! If you decided to DIY, follow the instructions on the Instabind™ or other DIY product (this is where the scissors and glue gun will come in). If you have a few extra bucks for binding, call the rug binder. Fun fact: A good rug binder will also cut the carpet to your specifications, eliminating the need for you to use that utility knife at all.

Enjoy Your New Outdoor Rug
Your rug is finished, and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Now is a good time to rearrange your outdoor furniture and maybe even add some colorful accessories to complete the look.

Not the DIY type? SMART Carpet and Flooring has you covered, too! Our flooring experts will bring you a wide variety of all-weather carpet and other outdoor flooring options and even take care of installation in your outdoor living space. Give us a call today and enjoy your new entertaining area as soon as this weekend!