Fabulous Flooring: How to Use Commercial Carpet to Create a One-of-a-Kind Home

Our homes are our castles; they are our safe places, our hibernation caves, our retreats from the busy, bustling world. They’re where we live with our loved ones, raise our children, take care of our pets, and plan out our days.

Your home is the launching pad for your life.

So it makes sense that our houses should reflect ourselves. But not everyone has a degree in interior design or vast experience with remodeling. So how then do you begin to transform the inside of your home to reflect your personal tastes, keeping that transformation both fun and within your budget?

Flooring and carpeting are at the heart of a great redecorating scheme.
It all starts with your flooring.

Some “Simple” Suggestions Before You Begin

Before you choose the new carpet for your redecorating project, it’s good to keep a few concepts about modern interior-design in mind. These are just loose guidelines — everyone has different tastes. But here a few broad design tips to get you started.

  • Simplicity: Modern décor can be as unique and individualized as the designer wishes. But one of the defining characteristics of 21st century design is simplicity. Neutral color palettes, clean lines with a preference for geometric shapes and curves, clear purpose: these all define modernism.

    But simple doesn’t mean boring. Absolutely not. It means uncluttered and functional, stylish and beautiful.

  • Functionality: Kitchens should function as kitchens. Living rooms should be lived in. And dining rooms … well, you get the point. Function is the central purpose in modern design. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on décor for a living room that nobody is allowed to visit, or sit in, because it looks like a museum.

  • Open Spaces: Wide, open spaces also typify modern décor. Keeping with the theme of stylish simplicity, modern rooms feel airy and free. Rather than cluttered with stuff, rooms are styled to show off tasteful, functional furniture.

And don’t worry if your castle is a modest, one-story building; even smaller homes can create the illusion of open space. All by using one little secret: you guessed it — the perfect flooring.

Philadelphia Commercial — Gallery of Patterns

Established in 1946, Philadelphia Commercial is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the industry. Their tile and carpeting lines cover a vast array of designs, patterns, colors, and styles — all suited to just about any remodeling or design project you can dream up. And best of all: Philadelphia Commercial is affordable, easily working into most small or mid-sized budgets.

Every Philadelphia Commercial product is backed by multiple warranties for both wear and tear, as well as stain resistance. And each Philadelphia Carpet comes with the R2X® stain and soil resistance system.

R2X® is a breakthrough technology, offering superior protection and repellency against stains and fluids that is unmatched by other stain-resistance technologies. And the protection is more than just one-layer deep. Fluids literally float on the surface of the carpet, rather than immediately soaking in. This allows you more time to swoop in during a clean-up emergency, neutralizing any spills or accidents with ease.

Finally, studies have proven that the R2X® protection remains over a long period of time, even through multiple carpet cleanings. This ensures that Philadelphia Commercial is the perfect choice for dining rooms, living rooms, and all of your high-traffic areas.

And there are literally dozens of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from.

Now that you’ve got a few ideas to get you started, we would love to help you begin your design project. If you’re in the Tri-State area, call SMART Carpet and Flooring at 1-800-526-RUGS (7847) for more information or advice on flooring choices.

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