Fall Flooring Trends: Luxury Vinyl

The leaves are changing colors, pumpkins are grinning, cinnamon cider is brewing, and the sweet candy smells of Halloween are just around the corner. It’s fall: one of our favorite times of the year. And that means it’s time to practice settling in, getting ready to stay cozy and warm for the winter.

It’s also probably a good time to think about some quick flooring renovations before the cold hits. And since it’s autumn, we thought we’d get you started by looking at a few current trends in flooring. Generally speaking, we tend to think of warm woods and plush, dark carpets as a typical fall trend. But that’s been changing over the last few years. And lately, one flooring choice dominates as a homeowner favorite for 2019: vinyl.

Luxury Vinyl

We’ve written a great deal on vinyl this year, and there are many good reasons why. It’s an excellent flooring choice that has a lot going for it: it’s scratch-resistant, kid and pet proof, resistant to mildew and mold, easy to maintain and install, affordable, and lasts for a very long time. And best of all, vinyl comes in an enormous variety of styles and colors to choose from. There are literally thousands of patterns and tones in the vinyl universe, so it’s certain that you’ll find a style to match your décor choices.

But though we’ve waxed enthusiastic on vinyl in general — whether we’re talking tiles, sheets, or planks — what we’re most impressed with is luxury vinyl. As the name implies, luxury vinyl is a step above the typical sheet vinyl you might usually see in laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Luxury vinyl is the best of the best. It’s beautiful, heavy weight, and lasts a lifetime and beyond.

Bella Sera From the Triumph Collection

One of our favorite luxury vinyl flooring products comes from the Triumph Collection. Flooring is the foundation for any room’s décor — everything literally rests upon it. And Bella Sera always adds a rich luster, grace, and a sense of class to any room. It is nearly unmatched in vinyl brands.

Bella Sera combines all the best features of vinyl: water and pet proofing, incredibly sturdy and comfortable, can withstand stampedes of foot traffic, is available in multiple styles and colors, fits anywhere in the home, is easy to maintain, and is a breeze for professionals to install. And by easy to maintain, we mean exactly that: Bella Sera requires little to no maintenance. With just a simple dusting, sweet, and occasional mop, this flooring retains its brand-new look indefinitely. Bella Sera ensures elegance for years.

Exploring Bella Sera a bit more in depth, some features include:

  • Water/pet/stain-proof. We really can’t stress this enough. Bella Sera planks are waterproof. Moisture, stains, humidity, pet/kid accidents — all of those are no longer a problem. Bella Sera cleans easily, so your planks will never be damaged or lose their beauty due to spills.
  • Scratch and dent resistant. With a ceramic bead layer, Bella Sera is well protected from scratches and is nearly impervious to dents.
  • Resistant to temperature changes and maintains a high dimensional stability for many years.
  • Ease of installation with snap-in planks. This also makes Bella Sera a great choice for those who like to switch out their flooring from time to time, depending on the season or décor changes.
  • Comfortable to walk on and quiet, with built-in noise reduction.
  • Incredibly realistic appearance. Bella Sera planks mimic costly stone and wood without the price or the upkeep associated with those materials.
  • Worry-free purchase. Bella Sera comes with multiple Limited Lifetime Warranties. Just ask your flooring specialist to explain how each of these work.

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