Family Time: Top Flooring for the Family Room

If you retreat to the family room each fall when the weather turns and the evening comes earlier, you’re not alone. For many Americans, the family room is the warm, cozy haven during the long, dark days of late autumn and winter.

For others, though, the family room has become a wintertime necessity, a ghost of its former glory that is endured only because it’s better than being out in the cold (and, let’s face it, because it has a TV). After all, years--even decades--of kids’ and pets’ play, football parties, and impromptu teenage gatherings can take their toll on flooring and furniture.

If your family room is a little too well loved, a quick update this month will go a long way toward making family time something to look forward to again. Start with the flooring for an immediate impact.

Family Room Flooring: Look for Durability
The family room often gets more wear and tear than just about any other room in the house, so you want your family room carpet to be durable. As the informal hub of the home, it will need to stand up to years of use by the kids, their friends, your friends, and the pets.

At the same time, you want your family room to look great, and bonus points if it feels good underfoot as well. Even better if your family room carpet is waterproof!

Waterproof Family Room Carpet: Shaw® Clean Slate™
Shaw Clean Slate waterproof carpet checks all the boxes: It’s durable, it’s oh-so-soft underfoot, and, as the name states, this one’s waterproof. A great value for your family room, Shaw Clean Slate is available from your SMART Carpet and Flooring mobile showroom in 24 family-friendly shades ranging from creamy White Wash to the midnight-black hue of Night Skies.

All 24 colors of the 100% Anso® nylon Clean Slate carpet are completely waterproof and carry lifetime stain and soil resistance warranties (including against some pet stains), plus a 20-year texture retention warranty--meaning this powerhouse will remain soft for decades. This fall, try Shaw Clean Slate in warm brown Cocoa Powder or the cool neutral mid-tones of Reality.

Waterproof and Sophisticated: Mannington® Adura® Max Prime
Carpet isn’t the go-to family room flooring choice for everyone. If your tastes run more toward modern and sophisticated, your SMART Carpet and Flooring mobile showroom has the ideal choice for you: Mannington’s 100% waterproof Adura Max Prime solid rigid core luxury vinyl tile.

Adura Max Prime manages to give your family room a high-end luxury look with down-home toughness and durability. The 20-year residential warranty guarantees this flooring will keep your family room looking beautiful for years to come. But the best part about Adura Max Prime is its affordability, even as it gives you the look of high-end hand-scribed wood flooring.

Available in 10 on-trend colors this fall, Adura Max Prime is SMART Carpet and Flooring’s top choice for your family room if carpet isn’t your style. You’ll want to see it in the plaster-white Tribeca, the cool driftwood tones of Sausalito, and everything in between.

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