Hardwood Floors vs. Carpet

The decision between hardwood floors and carpeting is a debate we hear frequently and the truth is, there are benefits to both. In almost every situation, the choice of flooring is decided more often on the type of use and personal taste and style. Since both hardwood floors and carpets are available in a number of different colors, shades, and styles, it’s easy to find an option suited for you no matter which type you settle on.

More often than not, homeowners will want floors that match their home and be incredibly durable. While this might be easier said than done, here are a few factors to consider before making a decision between hardwood floors and carpets.

If durability is the most important factor to you, hardwood floors might be your best bet since they typically outlast carpets with normal wear and tear. Carpets can require a little extra TLC for care and maintenance, but compared to hardwood, carpet is less expensive.

If you want a nice and soft feel on your feet, carpet is the way to go. On a cold, chilly day, hardwood floors may be a little cold to walk on however carpets will feel cozier and warmer. Carpet is also better for kids as they can get on the floor and even if they fall, it will be a softer landing compared to hardwood floors.

With a soft and comfortable feel to it, carpet also has less noise than hardwood floors. You won’t hear the footsteps of other people on carpet as likely as you would to hear them on hardwood floors.

Air Quality
If you suffer from allergies or Asthma, hard surface flooring may be a better option over carpets.

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