Hottest Color Trends in Home Décor for 2016

Happy New Year! What better way to kick off this brand new start than with a project or two. Whether it is a personal goal for you or a project you’ve had in mind for your home or office, now is the best time to get started.

If you haven’t quite decided what colors to use for your new space, now might be the perfect time to peruse the predicted trends sourced by Pantone and Behr. Most everyone knows Behr Paint, but you might not have heard of Pantone. Pantone’s colors are actually used often across a variety of industries and have become the standard when communicating about color for retailers and manufacturers. For color trends in 2016, both sources forecast a return to natural experiences and show us pulling away from the digital lifestyle that we all lead. They also emphasize calming elements in the palette, as well as colors that are vibrant and dynamic.

Let’s take a look at a few from each, shall we?

  • Pantone 12-1520 Rose Quartz—The first in Pantone’s 2016 color collection and one of its Colors of the Year is Rose Quartz, which Pantone describes as, “…a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.” This delicate peach shade would look remarkable in a nursery or young girl’s room with soft carpeting or used on furniture to create a shabby chic look.

  • Behr T16-12 Modern Mint—As we said, this year’s home trends will focus on natural textures and shapes. Modern Mint reflects the outdoor world, while still remaining elegant. Modern Mint would be an excellent color for the master bath or used on your kitchen cabinets and would go exceptionally well with ceramic or traditional stone tile floors.

  • Pantone 19-4049 Snorkel Blue—Snorkel Blue, even the name conjures up a vision of a tropical vacation by the ocean. This color, while calm, also has vitality and effervescence, qualities you would expect in a seaside town. Consider using Snorkel Blue as an accent wall color in a playroom or young boy’s room. Another thought might be to paint a bed frame and add nautical bedding for a little pirate in the making. For those rooms that see lots of action from little feet, we would recommend twist or frieze carpet which hides dirt and footprints.

  • Behr T16-09 Citronné—Ooh la la. When paired with more neutral colors like grey or rose quartz, Citronné adds character and a certain joie de vivre to any room. Window treatments in Citronné paired with a pale grey or patterned carpet would give a polished look to a study.

  • Pantone 13-4810 Limpet Shell—Another beach find, Limpet Shell calls to mind an early morning mist on a deserted beach as the sun makes its way into the sky. Limpet Shell is the perfect choice for a tranquil room, consider it with a laminate or vinyl floor in a guest bath or laundry room.

  • Behr T16-02 Pagoda—Behr suggests pairing a tropical color like Pagoda with a darker wall color, like their Black Pearl. The darker room gives the illusion of space, while the bright color draws the eye. Pair it with a dark hardwood floor in a dining room and use soft lighting to enhance the warmth of these colors.

  • Pantone 17-1564—Another bright and lively color, Fiesta stands in great contrast to the peaceful tones in the Spring collection so far, yet it is still an expression of the organic world. We love this color as an accent in a kitchen or breakfast nook. It would look amazing on a pair of rustic chairs or bar stools and you could have vinyl plank or tile installed which is easy to maintain and water resistant.

  • Behr T16-01 Black Pearl—As mentioned above, Behr suggests pairing Black Pearl with Pagoda and other tropical colors for an exciting and inviting room. We love it for its warmth, but if you think it might be overwhelming on the walls, you could also use it on an end or side table.

There are so many new colors to choose from this year. When you are putting together your new space, remember that they don’t have to go on your walls. Consider flooring, curtains, furniture and other accessories.

Best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year!

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