Hottest Flooring Trends for 2020: Classic Hardwood, Bold Carpets, and Durable Vinyl

We’re already well into the first month of 2020, and the rush for flooring renovations has begun. As new technologies emerge, flooring trends continue to change from season to season and year to year. But we’ve been rather surprised this time around. Usually there’s one particular product that emerges as the king of the season: whether it’s vinyl, light-colored woods, stone tiles, etc. But not this time around. This time, the year’s hottest pics are all about variety.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends our experts have noticed as they talk to people in the showroom.

Hardwood: A Twist on Classic Grains and Colors

People will always love wood grains: all the knots, swirls, and unique designs that are so evocative of nature. It’s why hardwood itself is the absolute gold-standard of luxury — especially wide planks, the wider the better. And that hasn’t changed in 2020. Homeowners are still asking for the luscious, gorgeous perfection of hardwood. Whether engineered or natural, hardwood is pure timeless elegance.

But dark hardwood colors aren’t the only option. Some new favorites for 2020 include: fumed wood flooring, for bold designs without the need for wood staining; bleached and blanched woods to give soft, white-washed looks; distressed wood, artificially aged for sleek styles; special wood tile patterns to create various room designs, like zig-zags and sharp angles; and reclaimed barn wood applied as flooring.

Carpet: Bold and Bright Colors

When it comes to renovating a room, the conventional designer’s wisdom remains true: treat your floor as the fifth wall, and always incorporate its design into the overall décor. Many people use carpets as a way to introduce geometrics and bold colors into their living spaces; sometimes designing the whole room around a specific color-scheme or pattern.

Carpet trends in 2020 are focused on individual expression: showing off personalities, breaking the rules, and allowing your creative impulses to fly free. Homeowners are asking about bright, bold colors to lighten living rooms, dining rooms, and playrooms. From clashing patterns and mismatched colors to intricate themed designs — in 2020, anything goes. Just as long as it’s unique and true to your personal style.

  • Area Rugs — Spice Up Those Plain Hard Floors

Pro Tip: Have you ever seen a carpet that you just love, but don’t necessarily want to use it for the whole room? Well, most carpets can be made into area rugs. All you have to do is ask. That’s right! A SMART Carpet specialist can size, cut, and tailor almost any floor-rug in our showroom into a portable area rug. Now you don’t have to stick with just one carpet you like — you can choose many! Add a touch of comfort and color anywhere!

Vinyl: Waterproof, Practical, and Easy to Maintain

High-class interior design is great for those who love it, but many people appreciate the more down-to-earth, practical 2020 trends — especially people with growing families. They want flooring that looks great, but can stand-up to years of daily foot traffic from kids and pets, while also being easy to maintain. Fortunately, with modern technologies, practical doesn’t have to be boring. And that’s where vinyl comes in.

A relatively new invention, vinyl planks continue to be widely popular. Vinyl planks look and feel very real. And with current printing techniques, planks can mimic any type of wood or stone you can imagine. But best of all: the planks are absolutely waterproof. They will never swell or rot. And a simple dusting each day, before an occasional wet mop, keeps your vinyl-plank flooring looking beautiful for decades to come.

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