How Long Should My New Carpet Last?

While many of us enjoy owning a plush carpet in our home, proper maintenance is the key to keeping it soft and snuggly under your feet for years to come. Although consistent carpet care can dramatically extend its life, every carpet, from Frieze carpet to Saxony or cable, will see the effects of general wear and tear and eventually require carpet replacement. So how long can you expect yours to last?

Signs It’s Time for a New Carpet

Ensuring the longevity of your carpeting takes some proactive measures, but it also requires a keen eye to signs that it may be time to replace it. Sometimes those signs are obvious, but there are others that can be a bit more subtle.

When it comes to carpet care, many manufacturers offer products that should typically last for many years—sometimes even decades—but the truth is every home is unique. Whether you have a plush carpet, Frieze carpet or cable carpet, many different factors will determine if it should be replaced or just requires some basic maintenance. Here’s what to look for.

Stained carpeting is unsightly, and sometimes they can be a reason to ditch your carpet. Often, a stain on a carpet is so severe that no amount of cleaning will affect it. This means carpet replacement is in order. While you wait for your carpet to be replaced, utilize a nice area rug or a piece of furniture to place over the stained area. This way you don’t have to stare at the stain while you wait for your replacement carpeting!

A typical carpet and padding has a lifespan of about 10 years. If you’ve been on top of your carpet care but it’s past the 10-year mark, it may be time to consider a new one. While different brands may come with longer warranties, if you start to notice the support for your padding is wearing away or your plush carpet has started to wrinkle, it’s probably best to start planning a new purchase.

Are you a pet owner or the parent of a small child? Chances are you have to deal with “accidents,” spills and damage. While these types of situations are inevitable, it’s best to clean up the mess as quickly as possible to prevent the liquid, muck or gunk from seeping deep into the Frieze carpet or other material, leading to odors. Topical stains are usually easily cleaned but urine and other fluids can encourage the growth of mold and mildew inside the carpet. If this should happen, it’s best to consider carpet replacement.

Tearing and Ripping
High-traffic areas are prone to rips and tears that can lead to holes in carpeting. With a little DIY craftiness, you can easily repair small rips and snags in your new carpet yourself, but you’re better off employing the help of a carpet professional. If there are large holes that pose a safety threat, you’re probably better off replacing your carpeting.

Regardless of the type of new carpet or its location in your home or office, remember that you should have at least a good 10 years of life with it. With proper carpet care, your plush carpet, Frieze carpet and more can provide years of enjoyment before carpet replacement even becomes a consideration.