How to Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpets

Removing Pet Stains From Carpet: Let Stains Be Gone!

As much as we love our pets, we sure hate when we have to deal with dog or cat urine or possibly worse. If you’re an animal lover you’ve probably owned every pet stain remover and pet odor remover on the market and found that a lot of the times, removing pet stains from carpet seemed to require the strengths of the gods!

But this time with our how to remove pet stains from carpet guide, you’ll be saying buh-bye to pet stains in no time without buying stock in pet stain remover.
Let’s begin!

How to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet Guide

Soak up as much of the stain as possible with newspaper or paper towels. Getting that pet urine soaked up is key.

  • Step #1-Put a thick layer of towels on the wet stain and then cover it with newspaper and press down firmly for a minute. Repeat this step until the carpet feels mostly dry or hopefully, dry.

  • Step #2- Mix up a vinegar solution using one cap of vinegar to 6 ounces of water. This is a nice natural pet odor remover and pet stain remover that won’t waste a ton of dollars or contain chemicals that are harmful for your pet. Vinegar is also a great way to neutralize the smell of urine in a way that store brand pet odor remover won’t! Be careful! Too much vinegar in the mixture can fade the carpet color.

  • Step #3- Pour this vinegar solution or cool water on the stain. Be sure to allow the carpet to “drink in” the solution for a bit. And then after 10-15 minutes later, use paper towel to soak up the solution.

  • Step #4- Removing pet stains from carpet takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it. A few hours later or longer—depending on how long it takes your carpet to dry—use some baking soda over the stained area to neutralize any left over odor.

How to Remove Pet Stains From Carpet: Part II—For Set Stains

If you’re dealing with a pet stain that’s old and set, the best advice is to get your carpet professionally cleaned using the heat extraction method. It forces all the dirty water back out of your carpet.

If need be, a store bought pet stain remover or odor remover is a smart idea after the area is clean and you’ve tested it on a patch of your carpet.

Whatever you do though: avoid cleaners that contain ammonia which smell like urine and could cause your pet to urinate in that area even more,

With this easy guide, your carpets will be in good shape whether rover has an accident or three!