Choosing the Right Type of Outdoor Rug for a Finished Basement or Garage Floor.

If you are looking for basement or garage floor covering, why not consider an outdoor rug or carpeting? Sure, there are many ways to seal and protect either your basement or garage floor, but if you want to make your garage or basement livable, comfortable and functional, then you should consider outdoor carpeting. In fact, there are several types of carpeting and outdoor rug options that may prove to be a good fit for your garage or basement living space. Here are some outdoor rug suggestions for your finished basement or garage floor.

Paint or Waterproof Sealer: For an unfinished basement or garage floor, it is possible just painting or waterproof sealing your flooring will be substantial enough. After all, if your garage or basement are for storage and not actually used as a living space, then simply painting or waterproofing your basement’s sub flooring or garage flooring is the least expensive option.

Indoor Carpeting: If you are looking to add carpeting to your finished basement, indoor carpeting makes a lovely addition. Especially if where you live is susceptible to colder climates, you will greatly appreciate the added insulation indoor carpeting can provide. When adding indoor carpeting to either a finished basement or a finished garage floor, consider selecting an indoor carpeting with thick carpet padding. Carpet padding will help create a necessary buffer between your indoor carpeting and the concrete slab on your garage floor.

Concrete Flooring: If you choose to finish the concrete flooring in your garage; this is a very practical and easy to maintain approach. However, concrete flooring in a finished basement or garage, can lack comfort and design appeal. Concrete flooring for a finished basement is ideal if you are primarily concerned with water damage.

Outdoor Rug Carpeting: An outdoor rug or outdoor carpet is both a practical and comfortable addition to a finished basement or garage floor. Outdoor carpeting has the stain resistance capability of a painted garage floor or finished cement floor, while providing a layer of indoor comfort. Caring for an outdoor rug is easy, for a garage floor you can simply vacuum up debris or spray it off with a hose. If you are considering an outdoor carpet for your finished basement, you can use a vacuum for convenient maintenance. Best of all, if you were to experience a leak in your finished basement, you can simply wet-vac the outdoor rug, and not have to worry about mildew or mold damage.

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your garage floor or finished basement can be challenging. It is important to consider how you will be using your finished garage or basement. While painting or sealing your existing sub-flooring may be a practical approach, indoor carpeting brings comfort and insulation. An outdoor rug usually makes a wonderful option for a finished basement, because of its water resistant base, and easy clean up. In addition, an outdoor rug allows you both practicality and comfortability for a basement or garage floor.