Is It Worth It to Have High Traffic Carpet?

Your floor endures a great deal, especially in heavy traffic areas such as the stairs or hallways. And while you may be interested in some home carpeting or office carpeting, you might be wondering if having carpet in these high traffic areas is worth it. The good news? It is! You just have to find the right carpet from the right carpet business.

Tips for Buying Carpet for High Traffic Areas

You know how your postal carrier must deliver mail regardless of rain, sleet and snow? Your home carpeting and office carpeting have a similar job. They must stand up to the mud, dirt and grime that you track in from outside – and the carpet should stay looking sharp every day. So, what kind of carpet is up to this task? Here are some things to keep in mind when buying high traffic carpet.

Berber or Shag
Sure, we all love the plush, thick feel of a shag carpet, but is it really right for your home or office? If you live with pets or kids, and you eat and drink in rooms other than the kitchen, shag is not going to be your best option. The hustle and bustle that comes with kids and animals invites accidents and spills that can ruin your carpet, and wear and tear is far more common. If you’re looking for durability and affordability for your high traffic carpet, your best bet is a Berber carpet. With its low, densely woven fibers, it will repel dirt and debris much better than shag. Plus, the low pile height of the Berber means you won’t see matting in those heavy traffic areas.

Conceal Dirt with Color
Beyond durability when buying carpet, choose a carpet color that can stand up to daily traction and abuse. What does that mean? Stay away from light colors like white and gray, which will only draw attention to dirt and stains. Instead, search for dark-colored home carpeting and office carpeting that won’t highlight imperfections. Even better? Look for a high traffic carpet that has a seemingly random design. This is even better for hiding any spills or stains.

Protect High Traffic Areas
When buying carpet, you’ll want to consider how to maximize the lifespan of your high traffic carpet to make sure it stays looking good and functioning well. Once you have your home carpeting or office carpeting installed, you can place runner rugs on top of it. The cost of the runner is a small price to pay for the amount of protection it provides to the underlying carpet. Not only will runners help extend the life of your carpet; they come in different colors and textures to add a bit of flair to the area.

When it’s time for buying carpet, take some time and consider exactly how much wear and tear your carpet will need to stand up to. Next, sit down with your local carpet professional and discuss your needs. By keeping yourself informed about the high traffic carpet buying process, you could save thousands of dollars and years of life for your investment.