New Baby: What Flooring to Choose for the Nursery

You just received the big news: A baby is on the way! And you couldn’t be happier. It’s the fulfillment of so many hopes and dreams. You want everything to be in place and ready, and you haven’t got a lot of time.
So where do you begin?

With the perfect nursery…

Preparing a suitable nursery is one the most important steps to welcoming a new child. And the first move to starting a nursery is deciding what type of flooring to use. There are a wide variety of options, depending on style, theme, durability, function, and budget. It can be a daunting task to pick something that’s just right.

So here are a few tips to get you started.

Safe, Durable, and Easy to Clean

When designing a nursery, many people fall in love with all of the choices: walls, crib design, lighting, toys and mobiles, and a wide variety of other decisions. You want your baby to have the best place in which to grow and develop. But flooring is just as important a consideration. The types of materials used, as well as whether it’ll last, are all factors.

Vinyl and wood flooring are both durable and easily cleaned. They’re also strong, don’t harbor or absorb allergens and chemicals, and allow a lot of flexibility. And for baby’s comfort, parents can always toss down a convenient area rug once baby starts to get a bit more mobile.

Others opt for more traditional carpeting. Carpet is comfortable, found in most homes, and can be a great choice for a nursery after just a few considerations. Carpet spills are less easy to clean though, and plush carpets (called high-pile) can often hide pollen, dirt, pet dander, and other allergens.

If you go with carpet, we suggest you avoid most high-pile carpets. And before you install carpet in your nursery, consider the materials that make up the carpet fibers. It is preferable to choose a carpet that is soft, stain-resistant and with low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). If you want to know more about the VOCs in a carpet you’re considering, ask your carpet specialist. Proper carpet installation by a professional — as well as adequate, post-installation room ventilation — are also highly recommended.

Some Popular Choices

With these general guidelines in mind, here are a few brands to consider:

  • AduraMax™: This is one of the best brands in vinyl, waterproof flooring that features HydroLoc™, ScratchResist™, and Ultra-Quiet™ technology. AduraMax from Mannington is available in many colors and styles to suit any décor. Easy to clean, quiet, durable — AduraMax meets almost all the requirements on any have-to-have list of necessities. It’s even easy for professionals to install, with simple interlocking planks that snap into place.

  • Speckles low-pile carpeting by Phenix™: Phenix carries a huge selection of easy-to-maintain low-pile carpet, with an array of colors, designs, and price points. We like the traditional speckle colors and patterns that are cool, calm, and deviate from the sometimes-dull effect of solid color carpets. Phenix carpets are also backed by multiple installation and limited lifetime warranties, so they’re nearly worry free.

  • Walk of Fame™: So-called because they resemble the kinds of carpet laid out in grand theater halls and on the Hollywood runway, Walk of Fame™ carpets are very similar to other traditional low-pile carpets. They’re easy-to-maintain, relatively easy to install, and last a long time. Walk of Fame™ carpets also have wonderful design choices that are far more outspoken and noticeable than usual low-pile carpets. With swirls, stars, or bright dots, you can be sure that the nursery will be an exciting and dazzling place for your newest little movie star.

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