Nylon vs. Polyester - Which is Better for You

If you’re in the process of selecting new carpets for your home, you’ve probably already realized that there are hundreds, even thousands of carpet options to choose from. But where do you start?

A great starting point is in selecting the type of carpet you’d like to have installed. Primarily, carpets are made from either nylon or polyester fibers, and aside from touch, there are some commonalities and differences worth noting.

Let’s take a closer look.

First off, both polyester and nylon are petroleum-based synthetic materials that were developed as alternatives to wool and silk by scientists in a lab. About 65% of all carpet manufactured today is made from nylon, making it the most popular carpet material by a wide margin, partially due to the fact that nylon is an incredibly hard and durable fiber. When dirt gets trapped in a carpet, the sharp edges of the particle will typically cause friction with the carpet fibers that will cause the carpet to show wear. The strength of nylon fibers reduces this risk significantly, especially when compared to the softer polyester side.

Because of its strength and durability, nylon is slightly more expensive than polyester. With polyester carpets, dirt and other abrasive materials can leave an immediate mark and will cause carpets to show wear more quickly than nylon carpets. Both nylon and polyester carpeting is available in a wide range of colors and styles as well. Another perk? Both materials can be recycled after use and are evenly matched in terms of stain resistance.

So what’s the big benefit of polyester carpets? Compared to nylon, polyester carpets are often softer and more lush. If you’re looking for a super soft feel to sink your toes in, polyester carpet will probably have the feel you’re looking for and will cost you less than nylon. And, for the environmentally conscious consumer, polyester carpets are frequently made from recycled plastic drink bottles.

Whether you’re looking to replace the carpets in your bedroom or your living room, there are a few key takeaways to keep in mind.

First, if the carpet you’re installing is going to be in a high-volume area, nylon is probably the better choice as it will hold up longer over time. If you’re ok with replacing them sooner to stay current with styles and trends, then maybe polyester is the right choice for you.

Second, for pet owners polyester can often be a preferred choice as it’s equally stain resistant as nylon but also comes at a lesser price. In other words, should your pets ever cause any damage that requires you to replace the carpets, using polyester can save you some cash.

Are you a fan of polyester or nylon carpets? Let us know in the comments below and contact Smart Carpet & Flooring for your next carpet installation in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, or Staten Island!