One Room, Many Uses: Flooring Choices for the Multi-Purpose Room

Every home has one, and every office should: that one room which can be used for anything. You’ve already chosen flooring for your living room, bedroom, as well as the kitchen and dining room. And they are all beautifully decorated, right? But what about that final room? The one that you use to entertain, or flip into a guest bedroom at the last minute. You know, that room which doubles as a makeshift study until it’s needed?

And no office is complete without that one special meeting room. A room that is ready to be converted at any time, for any client, and all at a moment’s notice. What flooring can you use in there that’ll hold up for a long period, season after season?

Despite how you choose to decorate a multi-purpose room, tying it all together starts with your flooring choice. And those choices always begin
with: Do you want to use a hard surface, or carpet?

COREtec® Hard Surface Flooring

Hard, vinyl flooring is often a good choice for those who like easy cleaning options. Vinyl has come a long way over the years, with multiple styles available, and can be a stunning choice for any room. SMART Carpet and Flooring offers COREtec® vinyl, which has a wide variety of neutral tones and natural wood looks that are suitable for any home or office. Best of all though: COREtec® flooring is 100% waterproof, kidproof, and petproof!

COREtec® vinyl is fast and easy to install, requires no acclimation, resists subfloor mold and mildew, and can surface large rooms without transition strips. It requires minimal floor prep and can install over existing hard surfaces, which eliminates the need to pull existing old hard flooring. The materials used in COREtec® are guaranteed to be stable — they will not expand or contract — and they easily hide subfloor imperfections. COREtec® flooring also reduces overall noise from foot traffic and adds warmth to the floor.

COREtec® is backed by limited-lifetime warranties for Residential, Structure, Waterproofing and Petproofing, with an additional 10-Year Limited Medium Commercial Warranty. Hardwood flooring was never so worry-free, in addition to being easy-to-install and beautiful.

Weathered-Sand Lattice Pavers Carpet

The multi-purpose room gets a lot of traffic. So if you pick carpet as a flooring choice, you’re going to need something that is tough and can hold up. One of our best carpeting options for a universal space, SMART Carpet and Flooring offers the Scotchgard™ protected, Wear-Dated®, and SoftTouch™ Weathered Sand carpet from Mohawk®’s Horizon Collection. The incredibly soft neutral-colored nylon fibers used to make this carpet are both highly stain-resistant and ready to handle rough and consistent use for years.

For additional peace of mind, this multi-purpose carpet is backed by Lifetime Stain/Soil/Pet and Anti-Static warranties. And Mohawk® offers 20-year abrasive, texture-retention, fade-resistance and manufacturing defects warranties as well. Once you pick this all-purpose carpet and install it, you can rest easy — you and your floor are totally covered.

So, are you ready to redesign that special multi-purpose room in your house or office now? It all starts with the floor. If you’re in the Tri-State area, call SMART Carpet and Flooring at 1-800-526-RUGS (7847) for more information or advice on flooring choices. Our highly qualified specialists can bring our mobile showroom right to your home or office, at a time that is convenient for you. Call today to schedule an appointment!