Smart Carpet: Outdoor Carpet Is a Wonderful Option when It Comes to Outdoor Patio Flooring

Outdoor patio flooring can be a challenge to select and then to maintain. From deck carpeting, to outdoor hard surface flooring, the selection is endless. Many homeowners may be surprised to know that the most versatile and easy-to-maintain option is outdoor carpet. Here are some important aspects to outdoor carpet of which everyone may not be aware.

Outdoor carpet is so adaptable that it can be used around your pool area as swimming pool carpet, or you can use it as deck carpeting by laying it right over the top of your wooden deck. A pleasant feature about outdoor carpet is that it does not get hot or slippery like other outdoor patio flooring, such as tile or concrete. Swimming pool carpet is the safe choice around pools, because it offers non-skid protection. Deck carpeting has more traction than you would get on a wooden deck, it is cooler on your bare feet and you do not have to worry about painful splinters.

If you are cringing at the thought of maintenance for your deck carpeting, relax! This type of floor covering is not made of the same materials as indoor carpeting. An outdoor carpet can stand up to a lot of abuse. Deck carpeting features a rubber back adhesive that stands up to moisture, heavy traffic and much more. In fact, swimming pool carpeting and deck carpeting are so water resistant that the recommended maintenance treatment just requires spraying the carpet off with a hose. Yes, the best way to care for your outdoor carpet is to simply spray it down with a hose periodically. Since outdoor carpet is made with a heavy-duty, water-resistant backing, the water is not absorbed and will quickly dry.

Another easy way to maintain your outdoor carpet is to simply vacuum the dry carpet surface, so you can quickly get rid of sand or dirt that may have tracked onto your outdoor patio flooring. Whether you choose to spray down your outdoor carpet with a hose or if you choose to vacuum up dirt off its dry surface, these simple maintenance routines will help your deck carpeting last.

Refinishing a wooden deck and caring for it can be expensive and time consuming. Many homeowners believe that a wooden deck is the best option, but when it comes to any kind of outdoor patio flooring, outdoor carpet offers low maintenance and lasts far beyond even the most well cared-for wooden decks. The resilience that outdoor carpet offers is incomparable to most outdoor flooring.

If you are considering replacing your outdoor patio flooring, consider outdoor carpet as one of your primary options. Deck carpeting is made of water-resistant materials and can stand up to high traffic areas. The best part is, if you spill something on your outdoor carpet, you can spray it off with a hose! This versatile outdoor patio flooring can stand up to the elements. For more information about outdoor carpet, contact Smart Carpet today at 1-800-526-7847.