Red Wine, Chocolate, and Other Valentine's Floor Stains

The wine glass tipped over on the floor, red wine drying into the beautiful hardwood. The chocolate, once so sweet, now melted into the limestone tile. That romantic candlelit dinner for two, remembered in the cold light of day by the oily Alfredo stain on the carpet. It may be the most romantic holiday, but Valentine’s Day can be tough on floors. So this year, SMART Carpet and Flooring is giving you tips on removing those stubborn stains, along with our top warranty recommendations to keep your focus on romance instead of cleaning the floor.

Red Wine Stains
Nothing ruins a lovely Valentine’s evening faster than a red wine spill on the carpet or hardwood. Fortunately, with some elbow grease, you can get red wine out before it causes permanent damage.

If the carpet spill just happened, get a clean white cloth and put pressure on the stain until the cloth is saturated with the wine. Repeat with clean cloths until no more wine is being absorbed. Switch to a clean, damp cloth (use cold water to avoid setting the stain) and blot until the remaining wine is no longer visible.

What about a red wine spill on a light-colored hardwood floor? Simple: Soak up the initial spill with clean paper towels, then clean your floor as you normally would with a floor cleaner that’s safe for hardwood flooring, like Bona®.

Melted Chocolate
Your chocolate fondue was going just fine until some of the chocolate dribbled onto the limestone tile flooring. Now what?

This one’s simple: First, wipe away any excess chocolate with a clean paper towel. Then, mix about a teaspoon of dye-free dish soap in two cups of cool water. Dip a clean white towel in the solution, and gently wash until the stain is removed. Rinse with clean water and pat dry.

Oily Food Spills
From that beautiful rib-eye to the creamy Alfredo sauce on the pasta, Valentine’s Day dinner at home can be delicious and romantic . . . unless you spill it on the carpet. But, since these foods tend to create oily stains, you may have good luck using the same dish soap-and-water solution that gets chocolate stains out of limestone.

First, remove any excess food on the carpet. Then take a clean white cloth and blot at the remaining spill. (Never rub, as that can further set stains into your carpet.) Next, dip another clean white cloth in your dish soap solution and blot gently at the stain until there is no remaining trace of food. Finally, dip another clean white cloth in cool water and blot away any detergent residue before thoroughly drying the carpet.

Don’t Remove Stains, Prevent Them
If this all sounds like too much work for Valentine’s Day, and if your carpet stains are already numerous or set in, consider updating your carpet with a product that carries an industry-leading warranty. Our top picks:

  • Mohawk’s Pet Protect lifetime stain and soil warranty. This one’s not just for pets. Spilled an entire bottle of red wine? No problem. You’re covered with this warranty.

  • Shaw’s R2X warranty. This one warrants that Shaw carpets will resist stains and soil (even pet urine) for the life of the carpet. Best of all, it covers labor and stairs! (Because let’s be honest, who hasn’t had to feebly scrub at a stain on the stairs?)

  • Mohawk’s Forever Fresh warranty. This one ensures that not only will your carpet resist stains, it will actually smell fresh for the life of the product!

Whether you brave the DIY route or let SMART Carpet and Flooring handle the spills with expert assistance and products that carry lifetime stain and soil warranties, we hope your Valentine’s Day is free of stress (and floor stains)! Please note: If you decide to take the do-it-yourself approach to stains on the floors, make sure to test a small, inconspicuous patch of the floor for colorfastness first. And if you have wool carpet, please consult a flooring professional first!