Shine On: Summer’s Hottest Flooring Trend

If you’re tuned in to trends, you know this summer’s hottest flooring trend is all about the shine. Shimmery, iridescent floors are quickly becoming the next big thing in home décor. Here at SMART Carpet and Flooring, we have an on-trend flooring choice priced to help you get your shine on this summer.

Subtlety is Key
Here’s the first thing you need to know about the shimmery flooring trend this summer: Less is more. We’re not talking glittery floors, we’re talking a nice sheen with a hint of metallic shine. Pick up the sparkle with some strategically placed accents in the room or even with a stenciled paint pattern on the walls, but let the floors show subtle class, not brash gaudiness.

Our Pick: Cloud 90 Carpet by Shaw
You’ve heard us talk about Shaw’s Cloud 90 carpet before for its value and softness underfoot, but here’s something else to love about Cloud 90: Its neutrals have that subtle sheen you want this season.

Even Cloud 90’s color names suggest some shimmer. From Silver Glitz--exactly the shade you imagine when you hear those words--to creamy Twinkle, each of the 10 Cloud 90 neutrals has just enough sheen to help you set this summer’s trend yet keep your home looking current (and fabulous) for years to come.

Good Looks and Value
Cloud 90 is one of our most affordable flooring choices, yet it’s durable and oh so soft. This carpet carries a lifetime stain resistance warranty, along with 10-year quality assurance, texture retention and soil resistance warranties. It’s also rated to stand up to foot traffic well. Your carpet will feel and look great now and well into the future, no matter what life brings--or how trends change.

Get Your Shine on in July
Ready to see how a little shine will look in your home this summer? Call SMART Carpet and Flooring today at 1-800-526-RUGS (7847) to schedule a private showing with our flooring experts. Our staff will come to your Tri-State-area home or office at your convenience, so you can see Cloud 90 carpet and the thousands of other flooring choices stocked in our mobile showrooms. You’ll get convenient, one-on-one service and the best prices around, since we pass our overhead cost savings on to you. There’s no reason to wait any longer to jump on the shimmery flooring trend!