A Customer’s Experience Part 1: Selecting Carpet Made Easy through the Smart Carpet Shop-at-Home Process

Carpet buying can be really challenging for some homeowners, and this is why we created our shop-at-home showrooms. Do not just take our word for it though: trust the experience of one of our customers who wants to share their shop-at-home carpet buying experience with you directly, in our customer’s testimonial. Laurie shares with you each step of her buying experience, from selecting carpet, to our after-installation follow-up in this three-part article. Here is part one of Laurie’s testimonial.

When I first considered a shop-at-home experience for selecting carpet, I have to admit, I was mildly apprehensive. I thought how many carpet samples could the representative possibly bring? The answer to this question is an entire mobile showroom full of brand name carpet manufacturers, including Mohawk, Shaw, Dreamweaver, Krauss, and Godfrey Hurst.

When I made the appointment, the only questions they asked were my name, address, phone number, whether I preferred carpet or flooring and what rooms I was considering. My appointment time was an actual time, and not a time slot, which made me feel like they value my time as much as I do. My appointment was at two in the afternoon, and Adam, the shop-at-home representative for Smart Carpet, showed up right on the dot! Adam has over eight years’ experience working for Smart Carpet. He was friendly, plus he respectfully and modestly shared his years of knowledge with me.

During my shop-at-home carpet-buying experience, the first thing Adam did was take measurements of the area I wanted carpeting in. Adam drew up a plan to use the least amount of carpeting as possible for the allotted area. Then we began discussing options based on my household needs, including traffic, kids, pets, and other demands that would be placed on the carpet’s daily use. Another factor is would the carpet be placed directly on a concrete slab, which would affect the type of carpet padding used. Adam and I then discussed costs for both the carpet and installation.

Then came the fun part: carpet selecting. Based on my requests and needs, Adam then showed me multiple samples of carpet. We were able to narrow down these samples to four samples based on carpet texture preferences, color scheme and household needs. From those four samples selected, we were able to further narrow it down to only two potential carpet choices, and eventually down to my favorite carpet.

When I first made the appointment for the carpet-buying shop-at-home process, I did not realize how smoothly this all would go for me. I must say, I never thought that finding the right color, durability and carpet texture would be so simple. I felt as though I had all the same options available to me as I would have had if I had gone to an actual carpet store. The only difference was that I had the opportunity to experience carpet shopping in the comfort of my own home. I was able to examine each carpet sample in my home’s natural lighting and against my existing home décor.

  • Laurie S.

If you would like to learn more about Laurie’s experience using our shop-at-home carpet buying process, we invite you to check back for parts two and three of our customer experience articles. For more information on our carpet selecting experience, and to schedule a shop-at-home appointment, call us today at 1-800-526-7847.