Shop At Home, why it is better for selecting color

Choose Your Carpet Colors with Shop at Home

Are you in the process of buying new carpet for your home? There’s no better way to find the color that’s just right for you than by using Smart Carpet and Flooring’s Shop at Home service! Unlike visiting one of our flooring stores, when you choose to shop from home, all the carpet samples you could ever want to see are brought directly to you. And what’s better than being able to hold and see all of the major brands in the privacy and comfort of your own home?

Top 3 Reasons to Shop from Home

  1. No pressure. When you peruse through carpet samples at home, you don’t feel pressured to rush into a purchase. You can take all the time you need and leave the stress of the decision-making behind.

  2. See the carpet colors in your own environment. While you can see all your options at one of the showrooms at our flooring stores, making the decision is much easier when you are comparing carpet samples under your home’s natural lighting. The fluorescent lighting of a warehouse or showroom doesn’t always do the color justice. You’ll get a much truer idea of the end result at home.

  3. Tons of options. Our mobile showroom carries over 4,000 products, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Our professionals are experts at helping you narrow down the options that best suit your needs. The shop from home experience is easy!

Smart Carpet and Flooring proudly serves New Jersey, Staten Island and eastern Pennsylvania with our mobile showrooms, allowing you to shop at home easily. Want more information on how to view carpet colors and buy carpet the hassle-free way? Schedule your shop from home appointment today by calling 1-800-526-7847.