Stone Cold? Not These Floors!

Okay, let’s be honest: Nothing says winter like doing the cold-floor dance on the tiled bathroom floor first thing in the morning. Who wants to think of installing icy cold stone tile flooring this time of year?

Well, welcome to 2017, where private companies are competing to reach the moon, an Italian neurosurgeon is planning the first head transplant . . . and stone tile flooring is comfortable underfoot, even in the bitter cold of January and February.

The Warmth of Stone? Believe It.
That’s right, replacing your tile flooring now means the end of chilly stone floors, thanks to today’s composite flooring technologies that give us floors with the classic look of stone with the warmth and resilience of engineered flooring. If you love the appearance of ceramic tile but have thought about replacing your tile floors with vinyl, wood, or even laminate flooring products in order to have a warmer home in 2017, you may be happy to know you can have your tile floor and warm feet too.

Our Top Tile Flooring Choices
In a sea of tile flooring options, where should you start? If you’re in SMART Carpet and Flooring’s service area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, you can see updated tile choices in your own home with one of our mobile flooring showrooms. But if you’re outside the tri-state area or just starting to consider tile flooring, here are our top three choices for tile floor updates:

  • DuraCeramic limestone-based tile: Designed to be resilient yet beautiful, DuraCeramic combines limestone composite with a polymeric resin (that’s what makes DuraCeramic floors warmer underfoot and less prone to chipping than non-engineered tile flooring). Scotchgard™ Protector gives superior stain resistance, making DuraCeramic an ideal choice for kitchens, bathroom floors, entryway flooring, and more. Available in grouted or ungrouted looks, DuraCeramic offers a wide variety of colors (we like Elements Fossil or Sierra Slate Flaxen for warm looks that will complement many décor styles).

  • Armstrong Alterna and Alterna Reserve: These limestone-based premium engineered limestone tile options are easy to clean, nearly impervious to damage from dropped objects, and warm underfoot. The Alterna line has the timeless look of limestone tile, while Alterna Reserve offers slightly more dramatic and less conventional choices. Alterna Reserve’s Tobacco Etch is a modern, bold look, while Alterna Carrera Marble in Gray is a classic choice for a striking entryway.

  • Shaw Journey Tile: This groutable luxury vinyl tile has the look of stone tile, with the convenience, affordability, and warmth of vinyl. Available in 10 colors designed to complement any décor, Shaw Journey Tile is resilient (and a smart choice if you want a luxury look in a family-friendly product). For 2017, choose Kingsport, a cross between charcoal and taupe; or Tibet, with shades of rust, chocolate, and harvest gold.

No matter which flooring choice you make in 2017, we hope you feel empowered to take a look at today’s alternatives to stone tile flooring. While real stone and ceramic tile still have their place in many homes, engineered stone flooring and luxury tile can be practical updates for many homes.