The Best Flooring for Your New Sunroom

Helen Keller once wrote: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” It’s great advice, and we think a new sunroom is the perfect place to begin. What better way to invite those golden rays of light into your home and your life?

But like every project, it all starts from the ground up. And a new sunroom starts with the perfect flooring.

Sunrooms are popular places to hang out and they receive a lot of foot traffic. Additionally, because they contain large, open spaces with expansive windows, these rooms are exposed to a heavy weathering elements. Constant bright sunshine can fade colors while also adding extra heat to surfaces that are not always used to such exposure.

Keeping these facts in mind, we’ve compiled a few flooring options to choose from when considering your new sunroom. We’ll begin with our favorite pick: The New Standard II. This flooring is specifically for controlled environments, with temperatures ranging between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The New Standard II

The New Standard II is a luxury-engineered vinyl hard-surface flooring created for those who want a hardwood look without the expense or complications of traditional hardwoods. Available in multiple colors and wood grain patterns, New Standard II is certain to have a plank design perfect for your sunroom décor.

New Standard II requires little to no maintenance, is waterproof and pet/kid friendly. The vinyl is also very tough, resists dents and scratches, reduces noise, and can handle the type of constant heat that is produced by direct sunshine in a sunroom. In addition, New Standard II is a glue-less, floating flooring that is easy-to-install with minimal floor prep directly over existing hard surfaces. New Standard II also comes backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Finally, whenever installing new flooring, it’s always important to consider the level of VOC emission and outgassing you might have to deal with. New Standard II planks emit very little and meet the FloorScore certification for indoor air quality.


Carpets come in a wide variety of low-pile versions that are perfect for the high-traffic and heavy heat of a sunroom, while suiting any decorator’s style. Picking low-pile carpets also ensures that the floor in a sunroom is warm enough to use in the winter as well. Just be sure to pick an indoor/outdoor carpet that can handle the additional weathering.


Hardwood is certainly one of the most beautiful choices for flooring in a sunroom. Light colors and bold wood-grain patterns lend an elegance that is unmatched. But we would recommend staying away from darker woods, as the sunlight will eventually fade the grain, and it’s important to remember that hardwoods, while delightfully cool in the summer, will definitely stay cool in the winter.

Tile and Linoleum

Tiles and linoleum are good choices for more humid areas, especially if you plan to keep the windows open often. Tiles and linoleum are waterproof, generally pet and kid-proof, while being hardy and readily able to take foot-traffic abuse. Tiles and linoleum also come in an enormous variety of designs and colors, allowing for nearly any décor imaginable.

Linoleum is extremely easy to clean, making it a plus in an area that might see some spillage. And linoleum can take the heat of the sun.

Tile isn’t particularly hard to clean, but the grout lines will need attention from time to time — and it’s important to remember that darker tiles can get really hot if exposed to direct sunlight for long afternoons.

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