The Summer Flooring Question: Carpet or Hardwood?

Those hot, sun-drenched months are right around the corner. We wait all year for this time — so let’s celebrate! BBQs, beach vacations, swimming pools, sports, outdoor family fun, campfires, and evening lounging.

But although we spend a large amount of time outside during the summer, we have to go inside eventually. Which brings us to an important summer question: carpeting or hardwood?

Which of the two is the best flooring choice for your upcoming summertime renovations?

Carpet Advantages

  • Carpets are quite versatile. Carpet design and durability have both come a long way, and many carpets can last up to 15 years. But for those who like to change-it-up and redecorate every five years or so, carpets are easy for expert installers to pull-up and switch out. This allows homeowners access to new designs and colors as often as they like.
  • Carpeting comes in a wide array of designs. Carpets can match any sort of décor or style choice, create any mood, and becomes the perfect backdrop to suite any taste. If you can think of a design theme, chances are, there’s a carpet to match.
  • Carpets reduce overall energy costs. They provide insulation in the winter and the summer. But in summer, carpets provide barriers that deter heat from permeating through the floor — so you’ll be paying less for that AC bill.
  • Carpets are great at sound reduction. Minimizing sound is an important factor for many homeowners — especially homes with multiple children. Carpeting reduces echoes, foot traffic, and even the noise from conversations, promoting serenity wherever they are installed.
  • Comfortable and cozy. The right carpeting in a room radiates a warmth and comfortability that can be felt. Just walking on brand new carpet gives a feeling of security and happiness that most people associate with growing-up as a child, or visiting a grandparent’s house.

Hardwood Advantages

  • Classic, sleek, and beautiful. Everyone knows those deep, warm hardwood tones and patterns just radiate style and class. Hardwood makes a great impression and improves any home.
  • Hardwood flooring is easy to clean. With a simple sweep, and a quick once or twice-over with a damp mop, hardwoods remain free from spills, pet hair, dirt, pollen, and other allergens all year long.
  • Hardwoods help keep your home comfortable. Hardwoods are the cooler choice — and we mean that literally. Just like tile or stone, hardwoods remain noticeably cooler throughout the summer months. Walking on them, you can feel the difference.
  • Eco-friendly and long lasting. Hardwood floors are made from natural materials, so are generally a great choice for the environment — especially if they’re crafted from sustainable woods. And traditional hardwoods are well-known for their longevity; they can last over a century or longer, if well cared for. This is just as true for the engineered hardwoods, which can last upwards of 75 years.
  • Price tag. Though still a premium choice, hardwood floors are more affordable than they’ve ever been. Especially with the advent of high-quality, engineered brands. And using sustainable materials doesn’t mean you have to skimp on beauty. Engineered hardwoods come in a wide range of color tones and grains.

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