Tips to Help Protect Your Floors From the Hazards of Winter

The month of March is fast approaching. And even though we love sharing the winter holidays with friends and family, we’re also happy those short gray days and long, chilly nights are almost over. Spring is right around the corner, but we all know that March can still bring a last-minute snowy surprise. And all that water, dirt, salt, and debris can wreak havoc on hardwoods, vinyl, and carpet. So you still need to be vigilant to protect your floors from the wintery onslaught.

But don’t worry. We’ve put together a few tips to offer you the easiest and most cost-effective ways to protect your floors for the rest of winter. And the best part? You can use these tips no matter what season it is.

Mats and Rugs: Prevention is your number one ally. If you can keep water, dirt, salt, and debris from ever hitting your beautiful floors to begin with, you’ll stop the damage before it even starts. One easy way to protect your floors involves putting down extra area-rugs and mats in your home’s high-traffic areas. Doors and hallways are the best locations for these measures, allowing you to trap and contain moisture and dirt the moment they enter the house.

No Shoes: Instituting a no-shoes policy will go a long way to avoiding dirt and excess moisture. It’s surprising how much debris we track in on the bottom of our footwear, and most guests will understand if you ask them to remove their shoes right away, especially during a snow or ice storm. Just be sure to tell them about the policy ahead of time, and have a convenient boot box, shoe rack, or series of dry towels prepared as a place to hold the soggy footwear. During parties, you can even add a bit of fun by encouraging guests to wear brightly colored or themed socks and slippers to prepare for their no-shoes visit.

Wipe Your Pet’s Paws: Prevention is also the best policy where our pets are concerned as well. They may not be wearing shoes, but their paws can sure track in a shocking amount of dirt and debris. Dogs are especially notorious for this: tracking in mud after their daily walks. Some pet owners even use pet slippers on their fur buddies while they’re inside — although this may not work for all pets. Start by having a towel handy at the door. Just give your pet’s paws a quick, gentle swipe with the towel before letting them back into the house. Most pets will even enjoy the process. It’s also a good idea to take your pets to get their nails professionally clipped on a regular basis, to avoid floor scratches.

Mops, Brooms, and Spills: Frequent sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are great ways to combat any debris that actually makes it past your preventative measures. Leaving dirt build up for too long is a danger to your floors. And always clean up spills immediately, to minimize the damage they might bring. Finally, be sure to check the labels on all cleaning products to ensure that you’re using the right cleanser for the right surface.

Protectants and Sealants: As a final, extra protective step, you might consider using professional-grade protectants or sealants on your natural hardwood floors. Sealants are semi-permanent, filling in small cracks and imperfections on the surface of the wood to offer an extra layer of protection. It’s a good idea to use non-slip protectants, and we advise calling in a professional to do the actual sealing job — as it can be a bit messy, and difficult to achieve that perfect, even coat without prior experience.

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