Important Questions You Should Be Asking before Your Carpet Installation

Buying new carpet for your home is an exciting experience for any homeowner. Not only does installing carpet give your home a fresh look, but it also can help increase your home’s value. Before you run to the local carpet store, there are a few things you need to know, such as is carpet padding included in the installation price, what does the average carpet installation cost, and more. Here are a few questions about carpet installation you should be asking before you make your purchase.

Should you do the carpet installation yourself? Unless you have professional experience in installing carpet, it is highly unadvisable to install your own carpet. While saving yourself a few extra dollars on carpet installation cost, the carpet manufacturer will not honor the warranty of a carpet unless it is installed by a certified installer.

What is included in the carpet installation cost? Do not be shy about asking about carpet cost and hidden fees. To avoid any surprise fees, be sure to ask if the cost of the carpet includes both carpet padding and carpet installation. Never try to trim the budget by using old carpet padding. The padding used under your carpet eventually wears and should always be replaced with each new carpet installation.

What exactly does the carpet warranty cover? Always make sure that you know exactly what a warranty covers before making any purchase. Make sure that the proper carpet padding is installed to keep the carpet within warranty limits. Other details, such as the life of the warranty, and any maintenance agreements are all important aspects of your warranty of which you should be fully aware before installing carpet.

What are your seam placement options? It is very important to ask your carpet installation team what your options are for seam placement. In carpet installation, placing the seam in the middle of the room can be an unsightly mistake, and draw negative attention to your carpet. A professional installer should always be able to give you seam placement options. For optimal appearance, your carpet installer will give you a few seam placement options based on your room’s natural design.

What about doorway clearance? You must ask your carpet installer if doorway clearance will be an issue once your new carpet is installed. Depending on the thickness of your carpet, it could offset the clearance between your carpet and the bottom of the door. The constant wear and tear of the door rubbing against the carpet can cause early signs of aging to your newly installed carpet.

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