UV Got to See This: Fade-Resistant Flooring

We’ve all seen it, maybe even in our own homes: Flooring faded by the sun’s UV rays beating down year after year. It’s not a good look for anyone’s floors, but it’s especially upsetting when it happens to you!

Can Any Flooring Resist Fading?
The good news is, yes! There’s a whole line of eco-friendly flooring that keeps its look of luxury in spite of ongoing UV exposure. That means you can put this month’s SMART Carpet and Flooring pick in any room of the house--in front of the sliding glass door, in the living room where the big bay windows get southern exposure, in the sunroom--and it just won’t fade.

Our Pick: SONO Flooring
SONO is a German-crafted hard floor that’s PVC-free, formaldehyde-free, phthalate-free, and plasticizer-free. This zero-waste laminate flooring is just healthier, and it’s built to last in even the busiest homes. We’re so excited to tell you about SONO this month because it’s a game-changer for families who want beautiful floors that are better for the environment yet easy to care for.

Install SONO and Forget Fading
SONO offers 26 high-end wood and stone patterns designed to complement any décor or style. SONO is actually engineered to resist fading, making it the perfect choice if the summer sun has been particularly hard on your old flooring. Best of all, you can keep SONO looking like new for years to come with nothing more complicated than sweeping and damp mopping.

UV-Resistant and Waterproof
Did we mention SONO is 100% waterproof? You can put this flooring anywhere from the bathroom to the living room, and it will elevate your home’s look and feel. Our top SONO looks this month include the white-wood Solera, gray Antique Winter with a look of reclaimed wood, and the sleek charcoal stone shades of Shadow Castle.

Get Your UV-Resistant Flooring This Month
If it’s time to get rid of that old faded flooring and upgrade to something that’s durable, beautiful and earth-friendly, call SMART Carpet and Flooring now at 1-800-526-RUGS (7847)! Our flooring experts will bring our mobile showroom right to your door (provided you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or New York). Your private showing will be scheduled at your convenience, and in addition to SONO fade-resistant flooring, you’ll be able to see thousands of carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, stone and laminate flooring options in your home, where you can see exactly how they look with your décor. Since our mobile showroom model slashes overhead costs, you’ll save on SONO and all our other flooring!