Vinyl Planks: The Luxurious Yet Affordable Alternative to Pricey Hardwood Floors

Want the look of hardwood or laminate flooring without the high price tag? Many homeowners opt for luxury vinyl plank, a type of flooring that offers beauty, comfort, and performance. Through realistic imaging and texturing, luxury vinyl plank closely mimics the look of real hardwood floors. Formerly known as linoleum, vinyl flooring has recently received a major makeover so it more closely matches the style of wood.

Easy to clean and maintain, luxury vinyl planks are typically more cost-effective to purchase and install than traditional hardwood flooring. With a bevy of color and gradient options from which to choose, homeowners can revel in selecting high-quality vinyl flooring for just about every room of the house.

Using vinyl flooring: room-to-room

Luxury vinyl plank is extremely versatile, making it a fantastic option for:

  • Kitchen flooring – put down vinyl plank in the kitchen since certain varieties are 100% waterproof, resisting pesky water damage from the sink or dishwasher.

  • Playrooms – luxury vinyl plank is more resilient than wood or laminate flooring, making it kid-proof in well-loved playrooms.

  • Dining rooms – spruce up a formal dining room with a dark wood vinyl floor and jazz it up with a matching area rug.

  • Bedrooms – don’t worry about scratching up hardwood floors with heavy bedroom furniture or getting stains on wall-to-wall carpet. Vinyl flooring resists scratching and you can easily clean up messes in kids’ rooms.

  • Home gyms/utility rooms – waterproof, scratch resistant, and low-maintenance – luxury planks are the perfect option for often-used home gyms, workshops, utility rooms, and storage spaces.

You can also find vinyl tile, which mimics the look of real tile, for bathrooms, foyers, closets, kitchens, and more. Again, vinyl tile also used to be known as linoleum, but luxury options make it an attractive alternative to costly tile or stone.

Different types of vinyl flooring

Top brands such as Congoleum, Fusion, Shaw, and Mohawk manufacture luxury vinyl plank flooring which resemble:

  • Oak – pick a darker or lighter gray oak, or a more multi-colored, yet natural looking gradient

  • Pine – pine is a lighter option, great for sunrooms and kitchens

  • Hickory – choose a rich hickory plank to add style and grace to a home office or library.

  • Teak – teak offers both light and dark hues for a funkier finish

  • Cherry – like the name suggests, cherry offers a dark wood aesthetic with red hues.

Some styles are more rustic, while others are more modern. If your home is more traditional, you might go for a classic maple, mahogany, or oak. Contemporary homeowners might select a reclaimed oak-looking option, teak, or Brazilian Koa.

Schedule a in home consultation to view the hundreds of available options. Speak with your flooring specialist to see what best suits the current styling of the space. Buying flooring in person versus shopping online gives you a better understanding of the actual look and feel of the plank.

Choosing and installing your new luxury vinyl plank

Experts recommend purchasing single board vinyl plank – and typically the thicker the better. Opt for planks between 4mm and 5mm. Additionally, the click and lock variety is easier to install and provides a better, longer lasting look.

Getting a professional to do the heavy lifting is usually your best bet, though handy men and women can do the installations themselves. Since installation takes less time and effort than hardwood or laminate flooring, the cost of hiring a pro is typically much lower.

For questions or to start shopping for beautiful luxury vinyl plank, contact a SMART Carpet specialist today.