Work It: Create a Home Office Space

Recent research from the New York Times clearly indicates that more American employees are working remote jobs every year — as many as 43 percent of workers spend at least some of their time working from their home office.

And many of these employees are beginning to work for longer and longer periods of time away from job site, with some individuals who work almost exclusively from home. There are a variety of reasons why, but ultimately, no on-site job can hope to match the comforts of working from home-sweet-home.

So if you’re one of these lucky folks — and you’re going to spend most or all of your day working at a home office — shouldn’t you work in a space that looks like an office? People still want to separate their jobs from their private lives; and we agree that’s probably a good idea. Even if you have a traditional job, but use your home office just to take care of bills or official household documentation, it should still look professional.

But how do you do that, when you work out of an adjoining room in your house? What helps you make the mental switch from job to home, home to job, whenever you step in or out of that space?

Differentiation — that’s the key. Make your work space look like it’s a work space. And that starts with choosing the perfect flooring.

Armstrong Luxe Plank With Rigid Core Technology

There are some really good reasons to choose hard flooring for your work space. Two obvious reasons: hard floors best mimic the typical office workspace, and hard floors are super easy to clean. Luxe Plank offers a wide selection of flooring styles to match your particular tastes. And all of their styles mimic the natural warm tones and patterns of wood grain.

The thick, sturdy planks use a simple locking technology that allows them to be installed immediately, requiring no acclimation time. And with rigid composite cores and acoustic cork underlayment, the flooring is quiet and durable. The cores also hide subfloor irregularities while remaining dimensionally stable.

Luxe plank is 100 percent waterproof and a breeze to clean. A sturdy wear layer as well as factory-applied coatings ensure that the floor is already resistant to scratches, stains, and constant use.

Philadelphia Commercial Carpet

For those who opt for a carpeted working space, the Dateline Today series of carpets are an excellent choice. Provided by Philadelphia Commercial Carpet, you first get the security of knowing that your carpet is one of the most respected brands in the business. Philadelphia’s products range from household carpeting and business professional, to industrial carpeting. All are crafted with fibers that are durable and wear-ready, providing aesthetically pleasing carpet that can perform well over an extended period.

Philadelphia carpets have less weight than traditional carpet, generally contain recycled content to reduce pressure on the environment, and they meet all CRI Green Label Plus certification requirements for low indoor air emissions (which keeps that heavy “new-carpet” smell to a minimum while reducing the amount of chemicals emitted). And most of the carpets come with some form of limited Lifetime Warranty to help alleviate any purchasing stress.

The materials used in the carpet fibers are stain resistant and generally easy to clean. And there are literally dozens of patterns and colors to choose from. So whether your office is traditional, modern, funky, or purely functional, Philadelphia Commercial Carpet has you, and your office floor completely covered.

Now that you’ve started to think about how that home office space might look: give us a call. We can help you sort through the many options available. If you’re in the Tri-State area, call SMART Carpet and Flooring at 1-800-526-RUGS (7847) for more information or advice on flooring choices. Our highly qualified specialists can bring our mobile showroom right to your house, at a time that is most convenient for you.

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